Insulation and cladding

RNDV Industries provide technical insulation and cladding services in industrial, commercial and shipbuilding sectors. We specialise in thermal, fire-resistant and acoustic insulation, accompanied by the necessary tin plate cladding works and other finishing elements.

Industrial modernisation is driven by the need to conserve energy by increasing the efficiency of relevant systems. This calls for a search for the best insulation company to do the job. Well executed high-quality technical insulation lowers thermal conductivity, prevents water absorption and elemental corrosion, and effectively reduces noise.

RNDV Industries performs insulation works according to customer specifications. We have over a decade of successful international experience. Our professional technicians and project managers have proven themselves in the field by successfully accomplishing challenging international projects. Depending on the project, we utilise the most efficient products such as mineral wool, Armaflex, K-Flex, Foamglas, Cryogel, Pyrogel and others.

Insulation contributes to higher energy efficiency and reducing the levels of CO2 emission across Energy, Chemical & Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Cement, Food & Beverage and other industrial sectors.

Environmental sustainability

Thermal insulation is one of the most effective and least expensive methods to reduce CO2 emissions. This is simply due to the enormous potential for energy saving. Decreased thermal losses lead to a reduction in energy required for heating or cooling buildings and equipment.

A well-insulated industrial plant also benefits from increased maximum durability of the plant’s equipment and pipelines, because of the added layer of protection in case of mechanical damage or prolonged elemental exposure.

In industrial equipment and pipelines, high compressive strength fireproof insulation is used to maintain nominal thickness during and after the installation of the insulation. Low thermal conductivity, low water absorption, effective noise reduction and corrosion resistance are the other properties of materials required for technical insulation.

Because of the previously mentioned benefits, the demand for industrial insulation is growing every day. RNDV Industries are among the top insulation companies successfully working and focusing on continuously  improving expertise in this field.

The newest projects

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